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Asset Preservation

An important tenet of a sound wealth management


A DST can help to protect and preserve your assets as you work to build wealth for yourself and generations to come. 

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The role of a DST

Asset preservation is essential for those striving for sustainable, long-term financial security. A 1031 Exchange executed in conjunction with a DST may play a significant role in preserving your assets (i.e., real estate wealth) as part of a comprehensive, overall wealth-planning strategy. 

Education is key, and Stonecrest's 1031 Team is here to help.

If you have not already done so, we welcome you to visit our Knowledge Center to learn the basics of 1031 Exchanges, DST's and some related topics. Understanding your particular situation and long-term objectives is the most important step toward determining if a DST is right for you, and we can help you do that. If you're an accredited investor, simply click the button below or give us a call to schedule a virtual or in-person appointment with us at no cost or obligation.

Tax deferral is just one of a DST's many benefits

While no investment is completely risk-free, one of the most important objectives of A DST is to minimize risk through it's diverse portfolio of commercial investment properties. This diversification along with 100% deferral of taxes in a professionally managed trust provides you the opportunity to keep (preserve) your assets while continuing to build wealth over the long-term for you and your heirs.

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