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The Stonecrest 1031 Distinction

Highly appreciated assets with significant tax considerations deserve the creative solutions that our firm of 1031 specialists work hard to deliver. 

Our model extends beyond traditional wealth management strategies to include a dedicated 1031 Division founded in 2017 by co-managers Deborah Stackpole and Edward Kasperavich of our New Jersey office.


The independence we have as a private firm grants us access to many different offerings.  Our Texas team extends support, and our principals personally handle due diligence and approvals. We provide our clients with a variety of diversified investment options to choose from. offer creative 1031 solutions.

Each client is important to us.  We work to understand their individual needs and goals.  Whether they are looking for a lump sum, income or a combination, we will customize a portfolio for them.

Many of our clients are repeat clients.  As part of the client’s asset preservation team, we ensure their hard earned capital continues to build wealth in a tax efficient manner while preserving value for future generations. 

Committing intellectual capital...

Our experience combined with the professional relationships we have curated give us the knowledge to help clients navigate through all types of 1031 transactions including complex exchanges while ensuring that all IRS guidelines are adhered to.


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